Born in 1990 in Pistoia, Tuscany. After Bachelor of Arts ( DAMS - Disciplines of arts, music and entertainment ) in Bologna in 2014, he approaches the world of photography and begins to photograph as a freelance photographer.

In 2017 he exhibited the Unusual Landscape photographic project at the “Tuscania Festival” (ITA) and at the “Reclaim Photography Festival” in Birmingham (United Kingdom). 

In 2017 he participated in the European Creativewear Project (Heritage & Marketing) collaborating with the Textile Museum of Prato, for the photographic documentation of the archives of the textile companies of Prato.

Finalist of the Landscape Awards 2018 competition, organized by The Independent Photographer and present in the ‘Talent of the year’ 2017-18 catalog.

In 2018 he self-published Unusual Landscape and in 2019 he self-published Backhead.

In 2019-2020 he worked for companies, agencies and studios for commissioned commercial photographic works.

In 2020-2021 he works on a personal photographic research for a new artistic photographic vision, expressed through his new works as Birth/Death, Colors and Planet Earth.


- 2014   Bachelor's Degree, DAMS - Disciplines of arts, music and entertainment, University of Bologna, Italy 


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